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Who we are

At SEPA, Scotland’s Environment Protection Agency, we’re on the front line of global action to tackle our climate and nature emergencies. As Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, we innovate, collaborate and drive collective action to help build a stronger, fairer and more sustainable nation.

We’ve been given a unique and visionary Statutory Purpose: to protect and improve the environment in ways that, as far as possible, also create health and wellbeing benefits and sustainable economic growth. We help Scotland adapt to a changing climate by ensuring that our regulation helps operators to realise the opportunities of a net zero, circular economy and be resilient to changes in our climate. We help to improve the quality of our environment for people and for nature by encouraging nature-based solutions and valuing multiple benefits.

As Scotland’s strategic flood risk management authority, we help partners, places and people avoid, adapt and take action against flooding. We’re influential, monitoring, researching, reporting and speaking out on the state of Scotland’s environment and our data is at the heart of progressive policy.

As a non-departmental public body we’re committed to delivering a high quality public service; a service that listens and responds to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. Part of this is our commitment to openness and transparency, coherent corporate governance and informed communications, enabling our 1300 people based right across Scotland to deliver the best for our environment.

Our Board is responsible for the overall direction and performance of our organisation, including our efficiency and effectiveness. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as passion for environmental issues. 

Our work today is for the future of our environment.

Net Zero, two green incomplete arches over teal background

Net Zero: Playing our part in helping Scotland become a net zero country by 2045.

Business, green graph lines over a teal background

Business environmental performance: Securing high environmental performance from those that we regulate.

Water, green wave like lines over a teal background

Water environment: Protecting and improving our rivers, lochs, wetlands, and seas.

Information, four green dots over a teal background

Climate resilience: Reducing the impacts of floods and droughts.

Resources, incomplete green circle over teal background

Resource efficiency: Playing our part in helping Scotland transition to a circular economy.