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Daldowie Fuel Plant, Uddingston

Daldowie fuel plant is located south of the M74 within the Daldowie area. The plant produces biomass pellets from sewage sludge generated by wastewater treatment processes across the Greater Glasgow area. The site is authorised, regulated and inspected by SEPA and operates within the terms of a permit granted under the Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012.

Latest update

Odour complaints and action

Date published: 26 October 2023

SEPA continues to receive a small number of complaints regarding odour from the site. We continue to undertake site inspections and actively monitor odours in the area.

The site is currently undertaking a programme of work to capture emissions from the dryer hall.

Progress is being made on all areas of the design and build and is expected to be completed by December 2023.

SEPA will take any necessary action should this work fail to achieve the expected level of improvement.

What we have done

SEPA have taken action since 2018 to secure compliance with authorisation conditions. This led to a phased programme of improvements, including a £2.1M investment in new odour abatement in 2020, and will hopefully conclude in 2023 with the dryer hall odour capture project.

We have undertaken frequent on and off-site inspections during this period, alongside regular engagement with the operator.

Need to report an odour?

The Daldowie area contains several potential odour sources, including Scottish Water's Daldowie waste water treatment works and Patersons of Greenoakhill landfill. Therefore, what you are experiencing may not be Daldowie Fuel Plant.

If you are impacted by a sewage odour (including from farm spreading), contact your Local Authority.

When you report an odour to SEPA it is helpful if you can be as descriptive as possible. Potential odours from Daldowie Fuel Plant can range from:

  • burning faeces
  • smelly waste water (rotten cabbage, like a drain)
  • burnt matches

Potential odours from Patersons of Greenoakhill landfill can range from:

  • like a general waste bin
  • gas e.g. rotten egg type odours which can be associated with landfills
  • rotten vegetables/ food
  • landfill gas

If you report an odour to us, we will only make further contact where necessary. In most cases you will not receive any further update from us with respect to the event you report.