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  • Flood maps

Flood maps

Our flood maps are designed to help you understand how you could be affected by flooding. The maps show you areas which are likely to flood from rivers, the sea and surface water. The flood maps are a public tool and used by a wide variety of people for a range of work.

We currently have two map viewers available. To determine which viewer would benefit you, please find information below:

Flood maps

  • For members of the public to check flood risk and increase awareness and understanding of flooding
  • For planning applicants, developers, planning authorities and others to support decision making in land use planning to avoid development in flood risk areas
  • For emergency responders to help the resilience community be better prepared for flood events
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Flood risk management maps

For responsible authorities

  • A tool for flood risk management planning to identify actions, to manage flood risk and develop plans to tackle flooding

What they show

  • Flood extent, depth and velocity for river, coastal and surface water
  • Impacts of flooding
View Flood risk management maps