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Water scarcity risk increases across Scotland

09 June 2023

The risk of water scarcity around the Loch Maree area in the Highlands has been raised to Significant, the highest level available. Two areas are also now at moderate scarcity - the Ness area in the Highlands and the Esk area of Dumfriesshire.

Majority of Scotland now at some level of water scarcity

01 June 2023

Businesses extracting water urged to manage water wisely as the country continues to experience warm, dry weather.

Water scarcity risk increases for businesses ahead of warm, dry weather

26 May 2023

The risk of water scarcity risk has increased in parts of Scotland, with Alert level reached for the first time around Loch Maree in the Highlands.

SEPA working with Scottish businesses to prepare for water scarcity this summer

02 May 2023

A repeat of the water shortages faced by businesses last year can't be ruled out as parts of Scotland record low river levels and dry ground conditions in SEPA's first water scarcity report.

Wet winter doesn’t negate need for water scarcity plans

13 March 2024

Nobody will be surprised to hear that Scotland experienced a very wet autumn and winter - but abstractors are being reminded they still need to plan ahead in case conditions change.

SEPA publish first Water Scarcity Report of summer 2024

10 May 2024

Week in, week out across the summer period, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) report on water environment resilience to support key sectors like agriculture, tourism, and food and drink - helping businesses be assured, or have early visibility of and time to adapt to potential emerging water scarcity.