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Businesses using water urged to stay vigilant after swing in weather conditions

04 August 2023

July recorded nearly double the normal amount of rainfall in some areas that were experiencing significant water scarcity in June.

Water levels return to normal across most of Scotland

21 July 2023

River and groundwater levels in many parts of the country have now recovered to Normal Conditions or Early Warning in the latest report published by SEPA.

Relief for rivers as rainfall revives water levels in parts of Scotland

07 July 2023

The latest water scarcity report confirms the Rivers Annan, Nith, the Outer Hebrides, and the Loch Maree area have improved from Significant Water Scarcity to Moderate Scarcity.

Four more areas across Scotland now in Significant water scarcity situation

30 June 2023

The rivers Annan and Nith in the southwest, as well as the Black Isle and the Outer Hebrides, are now in Significant water scarcity, the highest level, following a period of prolonged, dry weather.

Water scarcity situation worsens in Scotland despite week of thunderstorms

23 June 2023

While heavy, thundery showers across the country have led to some very localised recovery of rivers and groundwater, they have not been enough to sufficiently replenish levels and water scarcity conditions continue to get worse.

Scotland warned to brace for significant water scarcity

16 June 2023

SEPA forecasts that 28 out of 83 areas (a third) will be at Significant water scarcity level by 30th June 2023 if there is no recovery in river levels.