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Flood forecasting - Perth

13 October 2023

“As with any severe weather event, our teams at SEPA worked around the clock with public partners to prepare for significant flooding impacts over the weekend.

Rainfall and river levels ease as Scotland continues to recover from Storm Babet

22 October 2023

Rivers levels across the North and North East of Scotland remain high but will continue to improve across Sunday, with no rain forecast for the next two days.

17.00 update - SEPA continues to monitor river levels in north east as more rain forecast

26 October 2023

“The latest forecast from the Met Office is predicting prolonged periods of heavy rain in the north east around the South Esk.

Further heavy rain expected in north east Scotland but rivers lower than witnessed during Storm Babet

25 October 2023

“Following last week’s severe weather event, people in communities in the north east are still recovering from extensive river and surface water flooding impacts, and with more rain forecast for the coming days we understand that people may be concerned.

Storm Babet brings significant flooding with more rain expected

20 October 2023

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) flooding experts have been monitoring weather forecasts, river levels and flood forecasting models through the night to provide information to communities and partner agencies as the country moves through another exceptional rainfall event. Prolonged, heavy rain will continue throughout the day and into Saturday, continuing extensive river and surface water flooding.