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  • Dr Sue Paterson MBE

Dr Sue Paterson MBE

Dr Sue Paterson MBE has lengthy experience working in the oil and gas industry with Shell. Sue is a qualified IoD Chartered Director with lengthy experience as a non-executive in the public, private and voluntary sectors. She is currently a Member of the Boards of Scottish Enterprise and the Company of Wolves theatre company and is a Member of the Expert Advisory Committee for the International Energy Research Council. She is currently helping deliver a just transition to a low carbon economy and is Co-ordinator of the Deeside Climate Action Network.

Register of interest

  • Date of completion: 8 February 2024
  • Board member: Dr Sue Paterson MBE
  • Signature: Signed by Dr Sue Paterson on 8 February 2024


Employment or self-employment (include registered name of the company, nature of the company, nature of business and nature of post held):

  • None

Holding an office (include office held, name of organisation, nature, and regularity of business):

  • Member of the Board, Scottish Enterprise. Scottish Enterprise is a sponsored non-governmental public body of the Scottish Government which encourages economic development, enterprise, innovation, and investment in business.

As a director of an undertaking (include the registered name of the undertaking in which the directorship is held and the nature of the applicable business)

  • None

As a partner in a firm (include registered name of the company and nature of business):

  • None

Undertaking a trade, profession or vocation or any other work:

  • None

Any allowance received through memberships of an organisation

All payments such as honoraria and including a statement of whether expenses are paid or not:

  • None

Related undertakings

A description of a directorship that is not remunerated but is of a company which is a parent or subsidiary of a company or undertaking which pays remuneration (include name of subsidiary or parent company or other undertaking and the nature of its business): 

  • None


A description of any contract (including its duration but excluding the consideration) which is made between the public body of which you are a member and a firm in which you are a partner, or an undertaking in which you are a director or in which you have shares:

  • None

Houses, land, and buildings

A description of any rights of ownership or other interests that may be significant to, of relevance to , or bear upon, the work or operation of the devolved public body:

  • None

Shares and securities

A description, but not value, of shares or securities in a company, undertaking or organisation that may be significant to, of relevance to, or bear upon, the work or operation of the devolved public body (including the registered name of the company in which you hold shares):

  • Royal Dutch Shell

Gifts and hospitality

Details of any gifts and hospitality received within current term of appointment of office should be registered on a separate Gifts and Hospitality form.

Non-financial interests

A description of other interests as may be significant to, of relevance to, or bear upon, the work or operation of SEPA, including without prejudice to that generality membership of or office in:

  • Other public bodies (including, e.g., local authority membership): Co-opted Member of Banchory Community Council
  • Companies, clubs, societies, and organisations: Director of Arbeadie Consultants Ltd, Arbeadie Consultants provide expert advice specialising in Materials and Corrosion, and Strategy and Business Planning; Member of the Expect Advisory Committee, IERC, International Energy Research Centre (IERC) works with its members to realise deployable innovations in integrated secure, affordable, and sustainable energy systems.
  • Trade unions: None.
  • Voluntary organisations: Co-ordinator of Deeside CAN (Climate Action Network) Deeside CAN is a community-based voluntary network based in Aberdeenshire which aims to increase awareness and produce action to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss and waste.

Close family members

A description of the interests of any close family member who has transactions with the devolved public body or is likely to have transactions or do business with it:

  • None.