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  • Craig Hume

Craig Hume

Craig Hume is the dynamic leader of Ayrshire-based Utopia Computers, a company that has evolved from modest roots as a market stall into an international technology provider. As a seasoned public speaker, Craig effectively shares Utopia Computers' inspiring journey, which now collaborates with some of the most prominent names across the technology, science, and entertainment industries.

Utopia Computers is recognised for its innovative and disruptive approach, as well as its unique family-based culture. Under Craig's leadership, the firm has continuously pushed the boundaries of conventional tech solutions, gaining them a reputation as a leading technology provider.

Beyond his role at Utopia, Craig actively advocates for fair compensation, championing the Living Wage initiative in Scotland. His dedication to this cause is demonstrated by his direct collaboration with the Scottish Living Wage leadership team and the UK Living Wage Commission.

Craig brings his leadership acumen and passion for sustainable practices to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). He firmly believes in the urgency for businesses to fulfil their corporate responsibility for a sustainable future for all.

Register of interest

  • Date of completion: 1 February 2024
  • Board member: Craig Hume
  • Signature: Signed by Craig Hume on 1 February 2024


Employment or self-employment (include registered name of the company, nature of the company, nature of business and nature of post held):

  • Managing director, Utopia Computers, Computer manufacturer

Holding an office (include office held, name of organisation, nature, and regularity of business):

  • None

As a director of an undertaking (include the registered name of the undertaking in which the directorship is held and the nature of the applicable business):

  • Managing director, Utopia Computers, Computer manufacture

As a partner in a firm (include registered name of the company and nature of business):

  • None

Undertaking a trade, profession, or vocation or any other work:

  • None 

Any allowance received through memberships of an organisation

All payments such as honoraria and including a statement of whether expenses are paid or not:

  • None

Related undertakings

A description of a directorship that is not remunerated but is of a company which is a parent or subsidiary of a company or undertaking which pays remuneration (include name of subsidiary or parent company or other undertaking and the nature of its business):

  • None


A description of any contract (including its duration but excluding the consideration) which is made between the public body of which you are a member and a firm in which you are a partner, or an undertaking in which you are a director or in which you have shares:

  • None

Houses, land, and buildings

A description of any rights of ownership or other interests that may be significant to, or relevance to, or bear upon, the work or operation of the devolved public body:

  • Private home (owned)
  • Primary business premises (rented), Kilmarnock
  • Secondary business premises, Kilmarnock

Shares and securities

A description, but not value, of shares or securities in a company, undertaking or organisation that may be significant to, of relevance to, or bear upon, the work or operation of the devolved public body (including the registered name of the company in which you hold shares):

  • 60% shares in Utopia Computers

Gifts and hospitality

Details of any gifts an hospitality received within your current term of appointment of office:

  • Registered on a separate gifts and hospitality form.

Non-financial interests

A description of such interests as may be significant to, of relevance to, or bear upon, the work or operation of the devolved public body, including without prejudice to that generality membership of or office in:

  • Other public bodies: None
  • Clubs, societies, and, organisations: Chair Kilmarnock Business Associated and Member of Kilmarnock Strategic Group.
  • Trade unions: None
  • Voluntary organisations: None

Close family members

A description of the interests of any close family member who has transactions with SEPA or is likely to have transactions or do business with it:

  • None