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Management team

SEPA's Chief Executive Officer leads the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT), which includes five Chief Officers and one Executive Director. CLT reports directly to the Board, overseeing strategic planning, business management issues and relationships and change management. The Chief Officers, also members of CLT, lead on delivering and reviewing business operations. They work extremely closely with the SEPA directors both on "normal" business as well as on the leadership and management of change over the next two years.

Nicole Paterson - Chief Executive Officer

Nicole is an award-winning local government Chief Officer, with nearly three decades of experience across five local authorities, consultancy and environmental non-executive roles.

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A picture of managment member Nicole Paterson

David Harley - Acting Chief Officer, Circular Economy

David has worked for SEPA and predecessor bodies since 1991 in a wide variety of roles including ecological assessment, regulation, water policy and water framework directive implementation. 

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A picture of managment member David Harley

Bridget Marshall - Interim Chief Officer, Performance and Innovation

Bridget joined SEPA in 2002 as Head of Operations Legal Team. She was heavily involved in the SEPA Better Regulation work and seconded into Scottish Government for several years to undertake the policy work for both Scottish Government and SEPA on the Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act 2014. 

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A picture of managment member Bridget Marshall

Angela Milloy - Chief Officer, Finance, Modernisation and Digital

Angela has a wealth of experience and came to SEPA from her role as Head of Finance, IT & Retail at Glasgow Life.

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A picture of managment member Angela Milloy

David Pirie - Executive Director, Evidence and Flooding

David joined SEPA in 1996 as a Senior Chemist. He became South West Chemistry Unit Manager in 1999, Chemistry Services Manager in 2001 and Head of Chemistry in 2004.

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A picture of managment member David Pirie

Lin Bunten - Acting Chief Officer, Compliance

Lin joined SEPA in 1999 as a regulator and has held senior operational and leadership roles including Head of East Region and Head of Resolution. 

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A picture of managment member Lin Bunten

Kirsty Paterson - Chief People Officer, People and Property

Kirsty is a new member of SEPA's Leadership Team, joining in August 2023. Kirsty was previously HR Director, Group & Construction at Robertson Group. 

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A picture of managment member Kirsty Paterson

Kirsty-Louise Campbell - Chief Officer, Governance, Performance and Engagement

With significant experience across corporate governance, strategy, insights, innovation and engagement, Kirsty has been at the forefront of award-winning, insights led, public sector reform and transformation programmes.

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A picture of managment member Kirsty-Louise Campbell