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River Spey update

21 September 2023

On Monday 11th September, SEPA received the first of a number of notifications about multiple large dead fish along a section of the River Spey, the first sighting of which was on Thursday 7th September. The initial report included a water quality reading the notifier believed to be abnormal.

Dead fish in River Spey

14 September 2023

“SEPA were notified by the Spey Fishery Board on Monday 11th September that 20-30 dead fish had been recovered over a 15-mile stretch of the River Spey since the morning of Saturday 9th September.

Landfill site fire, Dunbar

01 September 2023

SEPA is supporting a multi-agency response to a fire at the Valencia Waste Management Ltd site outside Dunbar, which started on Monday 28th August.

Businesses using water urged to stay vigilant after swing in weather conditions

04 August 2023

July recorded nearly double the normal amount of rainfall in some areas that were experiencing significant water scarcity in June.

Work set to start on Restoring the River Leven project

01 August 2023

Work is beginning to improve a 2½ mile stretch of the River Leven, opening it up for fish passage and benefiting local people and wildlife.

Water levels return to normal across most of Scotland

21 July 2023

River and groundwater levels in many parts of the country have now recovered to Normal Conditions or Early Warning in the latest report published by SEPA.