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Viridor Material Recovery Facility, Bargeddie

The Viridor MRF in Bargeddie accepts residual waste from five local authorities. The waste is processed and separated on site in order to recover or recycle as much material as possible. After processing, this waste then leaves the site either for further recovery or for final disposal.  

The site is authorised, regulated and inspected by SEPA and operates within the terms of a licence granted under the Waste Management Licensing (Scotland) Regulations 2011. Attached to this licence are a set of conditions relating to on-site activity.  

SEPA, as the environmental regulator, has a duty to ensure that these conditions are being complied with. 

Latest update

August 2023

Date published: 01 August 2023

Compared to last year, in 2023 so far there has been a significant reduction in the number of complaints associated with flies received by SEPA from communities surrounding Viridor. Despite this, SEPA continue to monitor the site in a proactive manner to ensure that Viridor continue to comply with licence conditions.

An inspection of Viridor on 19th July 2023 found no breaches in licence conditions. SEPA will continue to investigate issues of odour and flies associated with the site both in responding to complaints made by the public, and as part of our routine monitoring going forward. The frequency of this routine monitoring has increased, and this will continue for the duration of the warmer summer months. SEPA have, and will continue to, undertake inspections of the site and surrounding areas.

Following a meeting in early 2023 with Viridor management to discuss their plans for the warmer seasons and to reiterate their legal requirement to comply with licence conditions; to minimise the presence of insects and vermin on the site, and to prevent offensive odour out with the site boundary, Viridor have been actively engaging with SEPA to address issues raised over the previous years.


Viridor have taken numerous management and procedural actions in order to achieve compliance with their licence condition relating to flies, these include:

  • Implementing a Pest Management Plan which comprehensively outlines the fly monitoring and mitigation process on site.
  • A change in the storage location of recycling waste fractions with all waste now stored within the main operations hall.
  • Increasing the use of targeted, reactive application of insecticide during the working day.

More generally, Viridor have been trialling different insecticide formulations whilst also increasing the frequency of application where appropriate.


Viridor are reviewing their current odour management system and have increased the monitoring frequency of the odour filtration material to identify issues earlier.

The above measures reflect the continued positive engagement with Viridor to ensure compliance.

SEPA will continue to liaise with Viridor and the public through regular stakeholder meetings.

Need to report an odour?

When you report an odour to SEPA it is very helpful if you can be as descriptive as possible. Potential odours from Viridor Material Recover Facility range from:

  • Like a general waste bin
  • Sweet solvents, such as nail varnish, white spirit, ethanol/alcohol

Abnormal fly numbers are considered to be where over 25 flies are identified internally within a 48hr time period.