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  • Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2024-2027

Working together for the future of our environment

Our three-year Corporate Plan sets out our priorities for 2024-2027. The plan is framed around five strategic priorities that will be the focus for our work:

  • Net zero: Playing our part in helping Scotland to become a net zero country by 2045.
  • Climate resilience: Reducing the impacts of floods and droughts.
  • Water environment: Protecting and improving our rivers, lochs, wetlands, and seas.
  • Resource efficiency: Playing our part in helping Scotland transition to a circular economy.
  • Business environmental performance: Securing high environmental performance from those that we regulate.

Within each priority, we set our ambition and the commitments and milestones that we will deliver. These form the framework for our future Annual Operating Plans that will set out our key areas of focus for each year in more detail.

Environmental protection

Notice is hereby given that SEPA, after consultation with the consultation authorities, has made a determination under Section 8(1) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, that its Corporate Plan 2024-2027 is unlikely to have significant environmental effects. Therefore, the plan will not be subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

Supporting documents

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