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Our research

We are currently rebuilding this page. If you would like to get any information about past and current research projects in SEPA, or opportunities for collaboration, please contact us on

Most recent research project

Developing habitat scale DNA monitoring in support of post 2020 biodiversity reporting requirements

The overall project aim was to investigate and test the applicability of environmental DNA (eDNA)-based monitoring approaches for biodiversity assessment and reporting purposes across a broad range of habitat types in Scotland. It provided the following deliverable outputs:

The data provided from both phase 1 (pilot study) and phase 2 (main survey) delivery of the eDNA research project, funded by the Scottish Government's Rural and Environmental Science and Analytical Services (RESAS) division and supported by many key partner organisations, are crown copyright material which are being shared under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (OGL) terms and conditions. Crown copyright must be acknowledged in its subsequent use or re-use and publication; provided that OGL terms and conditions are applied, and the source of the information be attributed to the (Developing habitat scale DNA monitoring in support of post 2020 biodiversity reporting requirements) project.

The following data is available upon request by emailing

  • Phase 1 Freshwater OTU Tables*
  • Phase 1 Marine OTU Tables
  • Phase 1 Woodland OTU Tables
  • Phase 1 Peatland OTU Tables
  • Phase 2 Freshwater OTU Tables
  • Phase 2 Marine OTU Tables
  • Phase 2 Woodland OTU Tables
  • Phase 2 Peatland OTU Tables
  • Phase 2 GapFinder Appendix
  • Phase 1 & Phase 2 Sample Metadata

*OTU Tables: The data contain Operational Taxonomic Units or OTUs which are DNA sequences found in a sample that, in most cases, are equivalent to species; however, not all OTUs can be named to species level.