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  • Typical odours

Typical odours

If you are impacted by a sewage odour (including form farm spreading), please contact your local authority.

Potential odours from SEPA-regulated activities can range from waste smells e.g.

  • general waste bin
  • gas e.g., rotten egg type odours which can be associated with landfills
  • burning faeces
  • rotten vegetable/ food
  • rotten vegetation/ compost (can smell sickly sour)
  • burnt matches
  • sweet solvents, such as nail varnish, white spirit, ethanol/ alcohol
  • sour solvents, can smell like vinegar
  • bone/ fish meal activities can smell like quite strong pet food/ dog kibble
  • yeast/ malt
  • smelly wastewater (rotten cabbage) like a drain