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Keep mindful across Monday as flood water impacts remain, warns SEPA

Date published: 09 October 2023


The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has warned communities to ‘keep mindful across Monday’ as flood water impacts remain from the weekend’s severe weather event.

Across the weekend, SEPA issued 2 Severe Flood Warnings (Perth and Aviemore), 53 Local Food Warnings and 17 Regional Flood Alerts.

At 07:00 Hrs on Monday, 2 Severe Flood Warnings, 52 Local Flood Warnings and 8 Regional Flood Alerts remain.

Janine Hensman, SEPA’s Flood Duty Manager, said:

“Across the weekend, Scotland faced down a serious and significant severe weather event. We saw widespread travel disruption to road and rail networks and impacts in communities throughout the country.

“At SEPA, our teams have been working around the clock with the Met Office, Local Authorities, Scottish Government, Police Scotland and public partners in the lead into and across this major weather event. We’ve been issuing alerts and warnings to communities at risk and supporting first responders.

“Whilst today sees an improving picture, we’re warning communities to keep mindful across Monday as flood water impacts remain. We’ve still got extremely high flows on the larger rivers, particular the rivers Spey and Tay, and many places where flooding still remains, particularly near rivers and where surface water has collected on roads. Its really important people understand the danger.

“Hazards can be hidden, so please don’t walk or drive into flood water. Remember that not only is flood water likely to be dirty, 30 cm of fast flowing water can move an average family sized car, and just 15 cm of fast flowing water could be enough to knock you off your feet.

“Although Monday is mostly dry, there’s heavy rain forecast for the West throughout Tuesday. This will be falling on saturated ground and rivers will still be high from the weekend’s rain. The Met Office and SEPA both have yellow warnings out for rainfall and flooding.

“Our advice remains for people to keep up to date with information from, sign-up for free flood alerts and follow guidance from emergency services.”